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The Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop


The Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop

In an effort to empower the youth of South Africa, the iconic bread brand Blue Ribbon has launched a flagship entrepreneurship programme coined ‘The Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop’.

For eight weeks, hand-picked schools in the Western Cape region will become a bustling business hub as the pupils run fully functional sandwich businesses. The Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop is a practical vehicle that will teach South African children the fundamentals of business practice. Pupils will learn the basics of business by setting up their own fully stocked pop-up tuckshop at their school. From the grassroots level of establishing business objectives, handling staff, implementing marketing strategies to calculating turnovers, the students will gain first-hand experience in the world of service trading.

Launching in Cape Town, junior schools from Paarl, Kraaifontein, Phillipi, Kuyasa, Heideveld, Retreat and Strand have been selected to roll out the first of its kind initiative.

To facilitate all of this, Blue Ribbon sought the expertise of personal wealth guru, financial commentator and CEO of TNC Wealth Partners Samke Mhlongo. The self-professed “Frugal Kugel” is an advocate of financial literacy and was responsible for compiling the workbook from which the students will base their curriculum over the eight week period.

Joining the campaign are some of Cape Town’s very own born, “bread and buttered” personalities including entertainment legend Ready D, radio DJ’s Kyeezi, TK, Kia Johnson, dancer and all round entertainer Blake Williams and hip hop first lady Patty Monroe.

The mentors, who represent a specific school, will assist the students in the 8 week life skills competition that will culminate in the winning school announcement and prize giving at the end of October. The Roadshow began on 22 August, officially launching the Kidz Tuckshop.