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National Magazine Ad Campaign Special

Advertise across all our magazine areas in 72 000 copies for maximum exposure to women with families.

DBN 35 000 copies, PMB 22 000 copies, JHB 15 000 copies

Uniquely targeted distribution the best private crèches, pre-schools, primary schools and top end shopping malls and medical centres. (LSM 6 – 10)

Mum’s Mail is much more than just being child focused, we are a women’s lifestyle magazine with engaging content in our regular sections:

  • Everyday Life – Full of interesting topical articles and news
  • Delicious Life – For readers who love food. Featuring food and cooking. With opportunities to sponsor recipes
  • Home Life – Design, décor, garden and every type of home product you could imagine!
  • Healthy Life – Articles on wellness and healthy living.
  • Beautiful Life – One mainly for the ladies! Featuring the latest beauty ideas and trends.
  • Educated Life – Indispensable for parents considering children’s learning and development.
  • Kids’ Life and Party Life – Firm favourites with readers, any product or service kids’ related!