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Mum’s Mail Celebrates 150th Issue!


Mum’s Mail Celebrates 150th Issue!

Mum’s Mail Celebrates 150th Issue!

Mum’s Mail has been around for more than 14 years and this month we celebrate publishing our 150th issue of the Durban magazine!

The Mum’s Mail team has come a long way and has been through quite a few changes over the last 18 months… Victoria and Andrew Arthur took over the magazine from Alice Leah in April 2016 and we are proud to say that Mum’s Mail has grown under their direction – we recently launched a new magazine in Johannesburg – East Rand, plus have increased Mum’s Mail’s online presence and refreshed the look of the magazine. With a new website launch planned over the next few weeks, Mum’s Mail really is making a mark in the digital world!

The Mum’s Mail team is passionate about helping others and aims to help NPO’s wherever we can – be it in the form of donations, time or publicity. We contribute towards a number of different charities, including The Sunflower Fund, The Robin Hood Foundation and the SANBS, among others.

Operating in KZN since 2003, Mum’s Mail is an indispensable resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, business owners and other interested readers. We distribute 75 000 magazines in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas each month and now also in Johannesburg – East Rand.

Mum’s Mail has a fast growing and vibrant online presence. Monthly we reach over 300 000 online followers via email subscribers, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website users – we have doubled our number of Facebook followers since April 2016. Mum’s Mail reaches parents with young children in the high income sector (LSM 7 – 10) through our unique distribution into the best schools, preschools, medical centres and top end shopping malls.

Mum’s Mail is much more than just being kid’s focused – we are a lifestyle magazine with some amazing competitions featured regularly and engaging content in all sections, which include Everyday Life, Delicious Life, Business Life, Pet Life, Home Life, Healthy Life, Beautiful Life, Educated Life, Kids Life and Party Life.

This is just the beginning of the expansion of Mum’s Mail – our objective is a national network of magazines, so watch this space!

For more information visit or contact us on 031 – 573 1731.

031 – 573 1731 (ext 5)
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