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Mother’s Day Ideas with a Travel Twist


Mother’s Day Ideas with a Travel Twist

On days like Mother’s Day we are bombarded with the advertising from stores and restaurants with all their ‘specials’ for the day. I find that on these days the service is really bad and if you have not made a booking then you might not have a celebration lunch.

My advice on days like this are to think out of the box and plan something special, yet different. It is also a good idea to plan in advance and make the activity family orientated.

Mother’s Day Ideas:

Book The Holiday Express train for a family outing to either the South Coast or to Shongweni Market. A great way to explore without having to drive and the kids love the idea of travelling by train.

A drive to the Midlands Meander and stop along the way at places your mom will like, such as Chocolate Heaven. Head for lunch to the Midlands Kitchen – with its 15 kitchens there is something for all to eat.

Pack a picnic basket and head to Paradise Valley and don’t forget costumes for swimming. This spot is a hidden gem, so go find it.

Head off to Wilson’s Wharf and go on a boat ride and take in the sites of Durban.

Have a family adventure day out, starting with the Segways at Moses Mabhida Stadium and then riding bikes down the Golden Mile.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do something different and explore locally while you are out celebrating Mother’s Day!

By Verushka Ramasami.



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