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Mooimaak Makeovers: Sandra Maartens


Mooimaak Makeovers: Sandra Maartens

A hardworking mom of two happy and successful adult children, Sandra Maartens didn’t have as sunny a childhood herself. After her mother passed away when she was just five years old, she ended up in foster care. Her difficult upbringing made her swear she’d do whatever she could to ensure her children had a much easier path, but this didn’t leave too much time to take care of herself.

Fortunately, Sandra recently participated in Mooimaak, kykNET’s life-changing makeover show. The Skin Renewal team – led by Dr Rulene Maré and therapist Lizanne Burton – were only too happy to give Sandra a total transformation via a series of treatments that took years off her face.

Sandra’s treatments

Lasers and light: Titan laser, Limelight laser, Titania radiofrequency and Photo Dynamic Therapy.
Injectables: 3D Liquid Facelift using dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, carboxytherapy, Xela Redermalisation and Ceccarelli fat-dissolving treatments.
Extra: Silhouette Soft non-surgical jowl lift, Jett Plasma eye rejuvenation, transdermal mesotherapy and glycolic peels.

Tighten up!

Due to the loss of collagen that occurs over time, Sandra’s skin had lost volume and elasticity. Happily, Skin Renewal offers a host of treatments that can help encourage your skin to create more of it, including sessions with a Titan Laser. An incredible machine, it uses pulsed broadband infrared light to stimulate new collagen growth that becomes visible over time as well as instantly tightening what exists.

“As the treatment progressed, the heat became more intense, but it was never sore,” says Sandra. “I could see an immediate and visible result!”

A lovely lift

In the past, jowls were something only a surgical facelift could fix but now, thanks to Silhouette Soft threads, it’s possible to receive a knife-free lift in less than an hour!

Made from surgical-grade polydioxanone, the threads are inserted just under the skin and positioned in a way that creates an instant lift. While the threads dissolve over the course of a few months, Sandra’s new look will last for up to three years as their insertion encourages the creation of new collagen. ‘There was no pain involved’, says Sandra. ‘The lifting and tightening effect makes my skin feel firmer and has greatly improved my appearance.’

No knife, new me

Lasers and threads aside, the Skin Renewal team had another non-surgical trick up their sleeves to dramatically turn back time for Sandra – a 3D Liquid Facelift! This involved injecting a combination of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to restore volume and plump up certain lines while botulinum toxin could relax wrinkles caused by constant muscle movement.

An elated Sandra says she loves her new look and is enjoying her newfound confidence. “I can highly recommend all the treatments,” she says. “The results speak for themselves.”

To find out more visit Skin Renewal on the website link below, or contact one of the branches in Durban on 0861 SKIN SA. 



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