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Mooimaak Makeovers: Ronel Nel


Mooimaak Makeovers: Ronel Nel

A busy seamstress with a desire to create beautiful things, Ronel Nel required a certain amount of confidence to work with the public each day. Thing is, she was being teased about her wrinkles as well as her teeth and it got to the point where it wasn’t a joke. It just damaged her self-esteem and became the motivating factor for her to participate in Mooimaak, kykNET’s popular makeover show.

Fortunately, the Skin Renewal team led by Dr Graham Duncombe and therapist Liza Schoeman gave Ronel a series of treatments that could make a dramatic difference in smoothing out her wrinkles. She also underwent a smile makeover thanks to brilliant dentist Dr JJ Serfontein and now the busy grandmother of four looks absolutely gorgeous.

Ronel’s treatments

Lasers and light: Limelight laser, Laser Genesis and Photo Dynamic Therapy
Injectables: Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, 3D non-surgical rhinoplasty and Xela redermalisation
Extra: Silhouette Soft non-surgical eyebrow lift, Jett Plasma eye rejuvenation and microdermabrasion

Smooth operator

The lines on the upper part of Ronel’s face, those around her eyes and on her forehead, were easy to treat with botulinum toxin. Dr Graham then used strategically placed Silhouette Soft threads to gently raise her brows and open up her eyes. While the threads dissolve after about six months, their effect lasts longer as their presence stimulates the growth of fresh, new collagen.

Speaking of which, two lasers were used on Ronel’s skin – the Limelight laser and Laser Genesis – and both did a great job of tightening up lax skin while encouraging the growth of yet more collagen and elastin, the key to firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

A new nose

Ronel’s nose deviated slightly to the right but this was corrected via a 3D non-surgical rhinoplasty, no knives required! It involves using hyaluronic acid filler and a specially designed PDO thread called the broom. The filler can plump and level any depressed areas to create a smoother-looking profile while the broom can straighten the bridge and even lift the tip. ‘After the treatments, my nose was a bit sensitive and blue, but the last time it was this straight I was 16 years old!’ said Ronel. ‘I love the result and would recommend this to anyone who would like a non-surgical solution to a new nose!’

Glow baby, glow!

Notice how radiant Ronel’s skin looks? She was given several microdermabrasion treatments. This involves using a special pen-like machine to blow a stream of micro-fine crystals across the surface of the skin, gently polishing it in a way that’s far superior to any kind of exfoliation you could do at home. ‘I really enjoyed these treatments,’ said Ronel. ‘I could see the improvement in my skin’s texture and overall appearance. They definitely renewed its glow!’

To find out more visit Skin Renewal at or contact one of the branches in Durban on 0861 SKIN SA.


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