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Mooimaak Makeovers: Charmaine Venter


Mooimaak Makeovers: Charmaine Venter

In 1992 ex-police detective Charmaine Venter (van Wyk) was working overseas when her husband suffered an aneurysm. He passed away a few days later making her a widow as well as a single parent to three children. The idea of ever getting to put herself first became an impossible dream.

Happily, Charmaine would later remarry but those harder years took a toll on her appearance. Fortunately, this is nothing the Skin Renewal team of Mooimaak, kykNET’s popular makeover show couldn’t fix. Led by Dr Graham Duncombe and therapist Liza Schoeman, they managed to help her look a decade younger in just three months.

Charmaine’s treatments

Lasers and light: Limelight laser, Photo Dynamic Therapy, Exilis radiofrequency
Injectables: Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, carboxytherapy, lipodissolve with Ceccarelli solution
Peels: Glycolic and Jessner Peels
Extra: Jett Plasma eye rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, histofreeze, transdermal mesotherapy, PDO anchor threads, Body Renewal medical weight loss

Firm and fabulous     

One of the main signs of premature ageing is lax, loose skin that causes the face to sag. This is caused by the fact that, over time, our skin’s natural collagen supply starts to deplete. Fortunately, we specialise in lots of in-office treatments to help encourage your skin to create more collagen and one of them is Exilis Radiofrequency. It heats up the deeper layers of your skin, causing existing collagen to contract while stimulating the fibroblasts to make more of it. The result is an instantly tightened effect that improves over time as your newfound collagen begins to grow.

One of the great things about this treatment is that it’s not painful and there’s zero downtime. You could easily reapply your makeup afterwards, but you might not want to as you’ll walk out with a lovely glow.

A sculpted jaw

Charmaine’s once sculpted jawline was being hidden by jowls but this was an easy fix, thanks to lipodissolve. The treatment involves injecting a Ceccarelli solution made up of vitamin C and iron into the fatty areas. This causes a natural breakdown of the fat cells, making it possible to re-contour and sculpt the face. ‘This treatment stung a bit, but the improvement was fantastic’, enthused Charmaine. ‘As I lost the excess weight, this helped add the final touches for a sleeker jawline.’

New threads

PDO Anchor Threads are sutures strategically inserted under the skin to create a smoother, more lifted look. They dissolve after about six months but their effect lingers for up to a year as their presence encourages the creation of new collagen. Dr Graham used them to enhance Charmaine’s cheekbones while lifting up her jowls and the end result was incredible.

Naturally, Charmaine is delighted with her new look as well as all the compliments that keep streaming in. ‘Now, people stop me in the street and say “Wow! What happened? You look ten years younger!”, she says. ‘I don’t look fake, I look refreshed and I love it!’

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