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Medical Grade versus Over the Counter Products


Medical Grade versus Over the Counter Products

It is often questioned whether or not medical skin care products (cosmeceuticals) are better than over-the-counter products (cosmetic products). The difference between the two are – medical skin care products are prescribed and dispensed by doctors, whereas over the counter products are available in pharmacies, department stores and salons. There are three reasons why there is a remarkable difference between the two:

Usage of active ingredients 

Active ingredients are formulated to address particular conditions, but with over-the-counter products being formulated for everyone, the use of active ingredients in these products is very limited by law. This includes the number of ingredients used, the grade or quality of the ingredients, as well as the concentrations or dosages. Generally, the active ingredients in medical products are much higher – both the number of active ingredients used, as well as the concentrations thereof.

Penetration into the skin 

Secondly, with limited active ingredients, less sophisticated delivery systems and lesser concentrations of actives, the over the counter products may not penetrate as deeply into the skin, thus the difference in the results seen. The active ingredients are formulated to reach the deeper layers of the dermis. It is at this level of the skin where collagen is restored, elastin is affected and the causes of skin ageing are addressed.

Scientific backup 

Over-the-counter products often claim to deliver certain results on the pretty packaging and expensive advertising campaigns. It is, however, scientifically proven that medical products actually give results and improve the skin, and their claims can be backed up with clinical data.

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