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Master Quest Moments: Tuition Intuition


Master Quest Moments: Tuition Intuition

We often find parents send their children for extra tuition at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons! Please don’t send your child for tuition a day or two before their exam or test – tutors are not magicians! There are no quick spells for learning, it takes time and continued effort!

Please keep in mind that the progress and pace of lessons are totally dependent on the students. If your child is an A+ student, don’t force them to go for tuition, just to gain one or two points! If you are home-schooling your child and are concerned about a subject, by all means seek the aid of a tutor. Using a tutor once or twice a week is like sending your child for dance or music lesson, it’s an add-on, and does not take away from the home-schooling process!

Tuition allows the student to gain a better understanding of their learning material, gives them focus, increases their thinking and abilities, and boosts their self-confidence. Tuition is necessary for struggling students and can greatly benefit those who are “left behind” academically! Whilst one-on-one tuition is the ideal way to go, small group sessions have their benefits too. We all need a little help now and then. Please parents, keep in mind not every student can be an A+ student or excel in every subject or sport! The marvel of humans is that we are all unique!

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Written by Melisha Schultz for Mum’s Mail.