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Keep it Fresh with Fresh Flush


Keep it Fresh with Fresh Flush

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Keep it Fresh with Fresh Flush 

I am by nature a sceptical person so when I was given a tester for Fresh Flush, I thought how can this work? But I can assure you it really does!

We have a small, homely office at Mum’s Mail. This is lovely, but being the only man in an office full of ladies, I am very conscious of embarrassing toilet smells! So before Fresh Flush, my time in the toilet was extended. All windows were opened and I would stand there unseen, wafting air around. Then I would spray copious amounts of traditional air freshener and sneak out, hoping no unfortunate would follow me in!

I don’t like these aerosols – they just fill the air with another more powerful and often equally unpleasant smell that seems to hang around forever. So my daily flirt with embarrassment seemed to be a fact of life I couldn’t escape from, that is until I discovered Fresh Flush.

It’s such a neat idea – just spritz the toilet bowl water a few times before you go to the toilet and Fresh Flush creates a barrier which traps smelly odours. You don’t need air freshener, so you save that cost, the Fresh Flush product has a pleasant but very gentle fragrance.

Now I can confidently stride out of the toilet leaving barely a trace behind, what a relief on all counts!

The home front is looking up too. The kids, who were merciless with their uninhibited, outraged condemnation of “Smelly Dad” now have nothing to complain about. Ah the quiet life… just don’t run out!

Order online at or e-mail 083 628 1052 for more information.

Review by Andrew Arthur.

031 – 573 1731 (ext 5)
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