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Golfers Have Fun-Filled Day for Matambu


Golfers Have Fun-Filled Day for Matambu

80 golfers participated in the inaugural Blue Sky Society Trust Golf Day in association with IBV Gold on 13th of June at the Kloof Country Club and raised almost R30 000 in the process. The funds raised will go towards a much needed eye operation for Matambu, a 40-year old prime breeding bull elephant that is part of the Elephants Alive study database. Vet Dr Cobus Raath noticed in 2013 that Matambu would run into trees and suspected an eye-sight problem. Upon investigation his diagnosis was superficial keratitis that could possibly be fixed via an operation. Dr Raath will re-collar him and assess when the eye operation can be done.

The golf day was the brain-child of Carla Geyser of the Blue Sky Society Trust, an independent NPO working to create a community of like-minded, passionate individuals and connecting them, through education and action, to worthwhile projects that help to preserve and improve life for people, animals, and communities in need. Their passion is projects that involve the conservation of animals, like the mighty Matambu,  and their core focus is offering proactive alternatives to helping elephants.

Founder of the Blue Sky Society Trust, Carla Geyser, is an adventurer, eco-warrior and humanitarian. She started the organisation in 2012 as she has an abiding love of nature and the environment. “Last year I lead a tremendously exciting expedition into Africa to raise awareness for the plight of elephants. The Elephant Ignite expedition was unique as the team was comprised of only women, and we travelled almost 16 000 km through ten countries in 100 days, visiting vital conservation projects along the way. We made an incredible impact, and I am continuing to raise money for Elephants Alive as they were one of our beneficiaries from last year. I am so grateful to all the sponsors and golfers that came on board to make our day such a success. Asante Sane.”

Funds are still being raised for Matambu’s operation so please e-mail if you’d like to contribute.

Visit for more info on the organisation.

Winners of the golf day,  Grant Wellbeloved, Wayne Halgrijn , Tino Govender and Kevin Bonner with Carla Geyser and the IBV Gold Team of Sheetal Singh, Namisha Ramluckan and Unisha Pirthi.


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