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Easter Holidays


Easter Holidays

And just like that it’s the Easter holidays already!  Are you doing anything special this Easter?

If you haven’t already decided on what to do or where to go then we have LOADS of ideas for you in this issue – from trips away to activity days out with the family plus lots of ideas of things to do in between.

We have some fab competitions and gorgeous recipes so make sure you read through EVERY page so you don’t miss out!

The Arthur family will be going away for a couple of long weekends camping (!) which I’m sure will be lots of fun.

My daughter also has her birthday coming up so we usually do something special for her.  She has asked for a huge sleepover with a load of girlfriends, which I’m still deciding on…!  And we always do an Easter themed birthday cake for her – it is always VERY chocolatey complete with a Lindt chocolate bunny on top! Guess who gets to keep the chocolate bunny… yes, Evie!

We have had a very busy March as we moved house, which went smoothly but I had forgotten how exhausting it was! We last moved only a year ago but I don’t remember being this tired.  It must be my age creeping up on me… But we are all settled now and loving our new house – even little Nunu the doggy seems happy there.

Have a wonderful Easter break and travel safely over the holidays.