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Dad, are you looking after your skin?


Dad, are you looking after your skin?

We all know about ‘dad bod’ and that’s pretty understandable. If you’re running after kids it’s hard to put in the hours at the gym. Fortunately, your face is easier to take care of, especially if you’re using the right products.

Firm up!

It’s not a myth – male skin is different to female skin. As you’ve got more testosterone, this causes your skin to be thicker than that of the fairer sex. You also have more collagen and elastin, which will keep your skin firmer for longer. Still, you can’t outrun Father Time, but you can slow him down.

As collagen and elastin deplete as we age, it’s important to use products that stimulate your skin to make more of it. One of the most proven collagen-encouraging ingredients is retinol and you’ll find it at Skin Renewal in products like Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3.

Retinol should be introduced slowly, as too much of it can cause redness and peeling, but this gentle yet potent 0,3% serum can be used until your skin adjusts to it. Later, you can move on to stronger concentrations.


Another difference between male and female skin is the fact that men produce more oil. (Again, you’ve got testosterone to thank for that.) This is why men are more prone to cystic acne in their younger years and it tends to last longer than in women.

Keep your face oil-free with a good cleanser like NeoStrata Clarifying facial cleanser 4 PHA. It’s soap-free so it won’t dry out your skin (something that, ironically, encourages more oil production) and contains antibacterial triclosan to blitz acne-causing bacteria.

Say yes to sunscreen

Lastly, here’s a skincare fact relating to both sexes – if you set foot outdoors without wearing sunscreen you’re more susceptible premature ageing as well as skin cancer. This is why it’s vital to apply a good sunscreen every day.

Two of our favourite oil-free picks are Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 and Skinceuticals Sheer Physical Defense SPF 50.

To learn more about male skincare, as well as which in-office anti-ageing and corrective treatments are ideal for men, visit the Skin Renewal Website or contact one of their Durban branches.



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