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A Tribute to Working Moms


A Tribute to Working Moms

Most will agree that being a mum is probably one of the toughest roles any woman can take on. For the majority of present day mums, the role has increased in complexity. From day one (and before) it’s all about the choices we make for our little humans (and of course the judgement thereof *insert eye roll about here*).

Just when you think things couldn’t get more involved than the breastfeeding mums vs. non-breastfeeding mums; technology introduces major improvements in every aspect of how we raise children. Whilst being in awe of how much we now understand, we also have to acknowledge how much more difficult it is being a mum today versus mums of maybe thirty to forty years ago. There’s the pressure of having to make smart food choices which are organic, vegan-friendly, sugar-free, lactose-free…joy-free (but in ‘fun’ packaging). Plus the added task of convincing your toddler that it tastes amazing!

The traditional housewife and stay-at-home mum had a rather tall task already; ensuring there were wholesome meals for her family and fresh pressed shirts ready for her hard-working husband! But in the 1920’s aprons were soon thrown to the once pristinely polished floor when women were given the right to vote, workplaces became more inclusive and women were allowed to pursue careers. Keen to ensure they were given an equal opportunity to their male counterparts, a large number of women opted for employment and independence.

But gaining independence and a social standing, meant that women would also need to decide how they would continue to manage a family. The unfairness of it all lies in the fact that traditional roles of being a good housewife and mom did not disappear once women’s rights were given.

Fast track to 2018, modern mums now need to make decisions related to family meals, child care, transportation and activity choices whilst also balancing the demands of a relentless work-life schedule. With changes in economic conditions over the years; many mothers often do not have the ability to stay home with their tots even when they would give anything to do so. Older and more traditional thinkers may frown upon the concept of a working mum, for fear that children may not be given the same care or attention that a stay-at-home mum may be able to give. Well for the nay-sayers, a study carried out across 24 countries shows that having a working mum may in fact develop a few really beneficial traits in those little poop-makers.

So to the working mother who has a presentation to prepare for tonight, while caring for her little one who is running a fever of 40 degrees; your perseverance is a testament to your strength – not only to you as a woman but for your babies too. To the man who may be waiting on your deadline; have a heart, you have a mom too – she may not have had work deadlines but she also put in late nights for your well being…so be a little kinder even if your nature doesn’t always allow for it.

Written by: Kamentha Pillay aka The STEM mom

The STEM mom is a freelance writer/engineer/business analyst and advocate for women in  Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). If you’re a STEM mom, join our tribe and become a part of our Facebook community today!




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